District Literacy and Health Project

Rotarians and spouses assemble Literacy Kits and create “Boo Boo Baby” washcloth puppets for moms of newborns. This one-hour, hands-on district project comprises the first of two Saturday morning plenary sessions.

Literacy Kits contain Rotary infant and adult t-shirts (printed with the words, “Read to Me”), children’s book*, a literacy book for mom, and guides on raising healthy and literate children.

*Bring two or three new children’s books (aged 0 to 3)
with you.
All other materials provided.

Boo Boo Baby is a washcloth folded, tied and decorated like a puppet. New moms can insert ice cube in it and place puppet on an infant’s “boo boo.”

Kits and puppets will be distributed to moms in need in hospital maternity unit.